Tower Cup #3

7.650 Rubles

$116 USDT

Tower Cup is the most standard Warcraft III tournament with default heroes and free choice of races in matches. The original feature of the tournament is custom mercenary camps and new, incredibly cool maps!

Tower Cup has a responsive format. The larger the prize pool of the tournament, the higher the Bo in matches. With the growth of the total amount of the prize fund, the number of prizes also increases.


Start Date: 07.11.2022 – Monday.

Check-in starts: 16:00 CET (18:00 MSK)

Start Time: 17:00 CET (19:00 MSK)

Above is the basic starting prize pool. Also, the prize fund will be collected on the live stream WellPlayedTV. Join and support WarCraft III.

Registration is open for everyone in Discord on #registration channel. Don’t forget to confirm your registration (check-in) during an hour before the start of the tournament. Write GN on the discord channel channel #gn and wait for streamers for at least 2 minutes. Report the results on the channel #results-replays attaching replays of games. GL&HF!!

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  • Standard Heroes, Free choice of Races and New Mercenaries.
  • Early rounds Bo1
  • Ro16, Quaterfinals, Semifinals depends on Sponsors
  • Finals depends on Sponsors.


  • A is Top in Grid.
  • Bo1 Elimination veto order: A-BB-AA-B
  • Bo3 Eliminatio veto order: A-BB-A –> Pick A-B 
  • BO5 Elimination veto order: A-B –> Pick B-AA-B


Mappool Tower Cup
  • Mappool: [ TF KD LF NV FC FS IS ]
  • (4)Terrace_Fields_LV TWR
  • (4) Kal’drassil TWR
  • (2) Lake_Falathim TWR
  • (2)Northrend_Valley_TWR
  • (4) Faeries_Crossing TWR
  • (4)Frog Swamp TWR
  • (4)IronShire TWR