BetBoom FFA WarCraft III Cup #5

25.044 Rubles

($400 USDT)

WarCraft III FFA tournament supported by BetBoom.

Matches are played according to the Swiss system up to 2 defeats, which means that each participant plays a minimum of 2 rounds.

You can win the rounds by eliminating all competitors in 75 minutes or by scoring the most points in the final table, while it is important to survive until the end of the timer, remaining in the game!


Start Date: 5.11.2022 – Saturday.

Check-in starts: 12:00 CET (14:00 MSK)

Start Time: 15:00 CET (17:00 MSK)


  • Standard Heroes
  • Races – free choice
  • 4 way – 75 min timer in round
  • 3 rounds + Final
  • Up to 2 losses in rounds. (Swiss system)


Registration is open for everyone. For registration join the Discord server send privat message to @RoboGoblin[Mr.Light] choosing a tournament (BB#5) and send a link to your w3champions account (or battletag). Then check-in a couple of hours before the start on the channel #check-in.


Video abspielen

1. Miker 2. DV 3. Sheik 4. Hein 5. Kolb