ATR 58

Weekly tournament with Random Heroes, Random Race and Random Mercenaries.

Regular support of the tournament guarantees you a place of honor on the tournament logo, Zug-Zug!!

You can replenish/receive the prize fund of the tournament via cryptocurrency

Prize fund of the tournament 7500 rubles*

*this amount is on goodgame and will be paid from goodgame.


  • Random Heroes, Random Races and Random Mercenaries.
  • Early rounds Bo1
  • Ro16, Quaterfinals Bo3, Semifinals Bo5
  • Finals Bo5


  • A is Top in Grid.
  • Bo1 Elimination veto order: A-BB-AA-B
  • Bo3 Eliminatio veto order: A-BB-A –> Pick A-B 
  • BO5 Elimination veto order: A-B –> Pick B-AA-B