2v2 ATR 60

15.277 Rubles

($245 USDT)

Weekly tournament with Random Heroes, Random Race and Random Mercenaries.

Regular support of the tournament guarantees you a place of honor on the tournament logo, Zug-Zug!!

You can support the tournament and replenish the prize fund with the help of cryptocurrency.

You can also receive prize money on your crypto wallet.


Start Date: 06.11.2022 – Sunday.

Check-in starts: 15:00 CET (17:00 MSK)

Start Time: 16:00 CET (18:00 MSK)

Registration is open for everyone. Indicate your teammate in discord on #registration channel. If you do not have an ally, then you can try to find one there. One random participant will get ATR icon for W3Champions, as an additional prize, regardless of performance.

Don’t forget to confirm your registration (check-in) during an hour before the start of the tournament. Write GN on the discord channel channel #gn and wait for streamers for at least 2 minutes. Report the results on the channel #results-replays attaching replays of games.

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  • Random Heroes, Random Races and Random Mercenaries.
  • Early rounds Bo1
  • Ro16, Quaterfinals Bo3, Semifinals Bo5
  • Finals Bo5 


  • A is Top in Grid.
  • Bo1 Elimination veto order: A-BB-AA-B
  • Bo3 Eliminatio veto order: A-BB-A –> Pick A-B 
  • BO5 Elimination veto order: A-B –> Pick B-AA-B


Mappool 2v2 ATR